Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Long time and no blog

I know, I know.  I am a total blogging slacker.  Life just happens that way.  The last 5 months have been crazy busy and so exciting.  We sold our home and moved.  We are in love with our new little town, but that deserves a blog post of its own.  This summer was spent unpacking, getting acquainted in our new community and making our house a home.  I think it is safe to say we have successfully completed all of that, and more!

Chris and I spent 4 nights on a cruise this summer with some really good friends.  It was great to be away together on the sea.

The girls and I took a mini vacation to the beach.  They are such good girls and travel so well.  It was a good trip.

I finally allowed a dog to become part of our family.  We named her Stella Lou and we are all smitten.  

We have a new church home that we love and so excited to be part of. The children's programming is outstanding.  This is a picture from VBS.

Maddie and Ava starting swimming this summer.  We were very excited to have this opportunity.  They both love it.  Maddie moved up to the swim team this fall.  They have both made such great progress.  We are so thankful for this opportunity.

A trip to watch the REDS play with the Best Friends ever.

We had the opportunity to see a few plays at Barter.  We enjoy being so close to such a great theater. 

I found time for a short, but awesome girls weekend with these awesome ladies.

We visited Hungry Mother State Park often, this is our paddle boat adventure.  I pedaled and they laughed.

Ava participated in a kids triathlon.  She rocked it. 

We had some fun with go-carts. 

and family away time

And then school started.  First day of School 2015/16

Sometimes just for kicks we have random dance parties on the back porch :)

Maddie and Ava created these masterpieces, more about this later.

We are busy and happy and in love with life.  We are very blessed and looking forward to many more adventures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Flying Pig 2015

 Last weekend I participated in the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati.  It was my first half marathon and it was SO MUCH FUN!!

I was so nervous that something would go wrong, shin splint, hip pain, etc.  I am not going to say it didn't hurt, because it did!  But it was so worth it!  My goal was to finish in under 3 hours.  My official time was 2:38.  The course was beautiful and very exciting, but also very hilly.  Miles 6-9 were pretty terrible, but the downhill that followed was rewarding.  The spectators were great and the entire race was so well organized.  My friend, Leigh Ann, who is much more of a real runner :) participated too and beat her previous pr.

A few pictures from after the race:

 The girls participated in the Piglet races on Saturday, it was somewhat chaotic and disorganized, but they loved it and they got a t-shirt and medal.

Will I do it again?  Maybe?  13.1 miles is a really long run, very physically exhausting, but such a rewarding experience.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

The "new house"

Our lives are changing.  Chris has taken a new job and we are moving!! Of course, this means we are going to be leaving our "new house".  The kids like to give each house we live in a name.  I am posting pictures here because we put lots of time and effort in choosing the items as the house was built. People keep saying it is so sad to leave your new home.  It is a little sad, but what I love is the people I share this home with.  When I look at these pictures it reminds me of great memories.  I am looking forward to making many new memories.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That is What is Important




I could go on for days.

And I know I am not alone.

There are lots of us in this boat.

Only we aren't in the boat together. We are all scurrying along with our obligations or opportunities, if I may.


That is what I wonder?   Why?  What is the purpose of this?  What is really important?

You see, to me it is not all about the sporting event or recital.  Or the pictures I can put on face book.  Nope.  It is about the little moments I want to cherish.  To remember.

I have no dreams of having a child that is recruited to play sports in college.  Nope.  Not important.  I don't fit in.  I don't care.  I just can't see the importance.

It is more like this.  I have dreams of cuddles and snuggles on lazy Sunday afternoons.  I have dreams of family bike rides and picnics.  I have dreams of vacations on the beach.  I have dreams of baking cookies and planting flowers.  Washing the car together and having a water fight.  Reading stories and singing ridiculously loud.

Listing these dreams causes me to acknowledge how blessed I am.  The purpose of this is simple.  To love Him and love others.  My "others" consist of these 4 little beings and my husband.  I am commanded to live my dream.  To cuddle and snuggle and sing and on and on.  Wow!

That my friends is what is important.  I am thankful I see.  I am thankful for the important things.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Maddie is 7

Oh my, how time flies!  I cannot count the people that have reminded me of how quickly your children grow up.  I now understand their urgency to remind me to cherish every day, every moment. Maddie turns seven today.  7 seems like such a big girl.  Everyone thinks they have the sweetest kids, right?!?  Maddie is certainly high up on the scale. Much to her benefit she has her dad's personality.  She is quiet and kind.  She has demonstrated empathy for others from very early on.  When Maddie was born, Chris said she "bonded our family forever".  She has done that in so many ways.  She is a great big sister and a good friend.  She is incredibly unselfish and loves others.  I am so thankful she is ours.  I look forward to her future, I know the Lord has big plans for her.  Happy Birthday Moo Moo!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ava turns 5

Seems like yesterday that girl was tiny and yellow.  She had a terrible case of jaundice when she was born.  Now she is all grown up and ready for Kindergarten.  Time flies!!  We celebrated with a trip to Cincinnati.  The plan was shopping and the zoo.  Ava's request was a hotel with an indoor pool.  The zoo was a flop due to the rain.  Instead we visited the Cincinnati Children's Museum.  It was such fun.  Ava's cousins came along and we had a great time.

Our group shot!  Sam looks happy, huh? 

Pretending to be a Vet!
My favorite.  Chris and Sam goofing off in Ralph Lauren.
Good times!

Friday, May 10, 2013

We are building a house!!  The planning started last fall and finally it looks like a house.  We have a contract on our current home with the closing scheduled for the end of the month.  We are all excited and nervous.  The new house is in a subdivision with sidewalks and street lights.  The children will have a huge yard to play in (if we can get grass to grow :).  Picking out things for a house is fun in the beginning, then it turns into somewhat of a chore.  Hopefully we are almost finished with the technical stuff and I can start decorating!  Stay tuned.